Antibody Testing And The Flu Shot

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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the antibody testing and the flu shot reagents distributed by Genprice. The Antibody Testing And The Flu Shot reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact influenza Antibody. Other Antibody products are available in stock. Specificity: Antibody Category: Testing Group: And The

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Phenanthroline 100ml Dairy Testing

DAI1138 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 38.76 EUR

Magnetic Loading/Testing Wand

M-CP-111-004 MiTeGen 1 UNIT 72 EUR
Description: Magnetic Loading/Testing Wand

Avian Flu (H5N1) Protein Detection Set

PSI-1808 ProSci 1 Set 884.4 EUR
Description: Influenza A virus is a major public health threat, killing more than 30,000 people per year in the USA. Novel influenza virus strains emerge periodically to which humans have little or no immunity, resulting in devastating pandemics. Influenza A can exist in a variety of animals; however it is in birds that all subtypes can be found. These subtypes are classified based on the combination of the virus coat glycoproteins hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) subtypes. During 1997, an H5N1 avian influenza virus was determined to be the cause of death in 6 of 18 infected patients in Hong Kong. There was some evidence of human to human spread of this virus, but it is thought that the transmission efficiency was fairly low. Although it has been known that cleavage site and glycosylation patterns of the HA protein play important roles in determining the pathogenicity of H5 avian influenza viruses, it has only recently been shown that an additional glycosylation site within the globular head of the neuraminidase protein also contributes to the high virulence of the H5N1 virus. H5N1 hemagglutinin interacts with cell surface proteins containing oligosaccharides with terminal sialyl residues. Virus isolated from a human infected with the H5N1 strain in 1997 could bind to oligosaccharides from human as well as avian sources, indicating its species-jumping ability.;;For images please see PDF data sheet

Tumors of the head and neck, 102 cases (1.5mm)

HNT1021 Pantomics 1 300 EUR
Description: Head and neck tumor tissue array, 102 cases of inflammatory, benign and malignant tumor tissues of the neck, oranasopharynx, larynx and salivary glands with grading and TNM staging data

Pig Swine Influenza Virus (FLU) ELISA Kit

abx157184-96tests Abbexa 96 tests 801.6 EUR

Human Influenza viruses IgG,FLU ELISA Kit

201-12-1767 SunredBio 96 tests 528 EUR
Description: A quantitative ELISA kit for measuring Human in samples from biological fluids.

Human Influenza viruses IgG(FLU)ELISA Kit

GA-E1783HM-48T GenAsia Biotech 48T 346.8 EUR

Human Influenza viruses IgG(FLU)ELISA Kit

GA-E1783HM-96T GenAsia Biotech 96T 559.2 EUR

Human Influenza viruses IgG(FLU)ELISA Kit

QY-E02255 Qayee Biotechnology 96T 433.2 EUR

FP240 240L Materials Testing Oven

INC1062 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 5233.74 EUR

FP400 400L Materials Testing Oven

INC1064 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 6754.5 EUR

FP720 720L Materials Testing Oven

INC1066 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 8479.32 EUR

M720 720L Materials Testing Oven

INC1068 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 13937.64 EUR

M240 240L Materials Testing Oven

INC1070 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 9870.12 EUR

M400 400L Materials Testing Oven

INC1072 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 12012.18 EUR

Materials Testing Oven FP115 115L

INC1144 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 3789.36 EUR

Materials Testing Oven M115 115L

INC1146 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 8421.18 EUR